“I may be mental, but I’m a millionaire!” says Maria Bamford

Bamford's 'Weakness' is comedy greatness

Written By: Christa Lawler | Jan 30th 2020 - 7am

Duluth News Tribune "Maria Bamford has created comedy in, seemingly, a room in a traditional, modern-day home, backed against a show-biz red drape with a flashlight for a microphone-slash-spotlight.

She called it the Pioneer Bar.

She recorded a special in front of her parents in her Los Angeles-area living room. In her last show, “Old Baby,” she started in front of a mirror and ended in an auditorium. In between, she played to growing crowds first on a couch, then a park bench, and then a bowling alley.

With “Weakness is the Brand,” an hour-plus of new material available on Amazon Prime, Google Play, Apple TV and more, Bamford comes to audiences from her most unlikely place: An actual auditorium in Los Angeles filled with human beings — not a ceramic pug in sight."

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