Comedian Nick Larson talks colonoscopies at the Sacramento Comedy Spot (01/19/2020)

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Nick Larson, who is also our show's videographer, had quite a moment with audience member when he was talking about the #colonoscopy he had when he was 25. Make sure to keep an eye on Mark Medina (right), our #ASL interpreter from Signs of Pride! Video description: Comedian Nick Larson is speaking into a microphone on the stage at the Sacramento Comedy Spot. Also on the stage is Mark Medina, who is doing ASL interpreting for Nick's act, and a wooden stool. Several audience members are in the foreground watching the show, and the back wall of the stage has two red curtains and the Sacramento Comedy Spot logo on it, which features a large question mark. Above the video is a static caption reading "colonoscopy" and below the videos is dynamic captioning of the audio of Nick's performance.

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