January 19, 2020: We sold out the Sacramento Comedy Spot!

What an incredible night!!

Our show at the Sacramento Comedy Spot was out of this world! We COMPLETELY sold out the venue! I mean, WOW! Our comedians talked about their depression, anxiety, PTSD, speech impediments, sleep apnea, grief, IBS, and much more! Not only that, but our audience was warm and welcoming to our comedians even when they discussed the most stigmatized topics. It was such a healing show to be a part of, and as always, it felt great to be at a show where comedians could be vulnerable and honest about what they're going through without fear of judgment. It was a great demonstration of why we created this show! One special shout-out to Mark, our ASL interpreter from Signs of Pride! He did the entire show by himself, and boy are his arms tired! Thank you Mark for helping us reach a larger audience - we will see you and Andy in March! Stay tuned for more news about our show at the San Francisco Punch Line on March 17! Tickets are already available at LiveNation!

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